Where's my tribe?!!

Joyenne Ross

I moved back from a tree branch. It fell right in front of me. My face feels cold from the snow. My heart is beating 100 times faster than usual. I'm thinking,<i>thank goodness I'm not under that tree </i>. I got to my feet and I picked up my snowy backpack. I woke up a little while ago I was on top of a tree branch sleeping like I always do but now I feel something is wrong. My tribe Ahtna lives in Alaska.
I am walking down to my tribe's houses . I stop before I fall off a steep cliff. I looked down and saw my....empty tribe?!
I Slide down a mini cliff that is right next to the cliff. I get there and wonder where everyone is. "Hello, mama, papa, Kanika!"I yell.
I run down the column as my eyes get teary. Tears start to roll down my face. <i>Farah,stay calm</i> I say to myself.
I Grab my bow and arrow from my wigwam and I go in search for my tribe.
I stay in the town and wait for my tribe to come back