Lilly the Babysiter

Alyson Luke

Redder and Leronda Charleston lived in the town of North Ville, and it was their anniversary. It was dead of winter, and the kids were left home with Lily, the baby-sitter. She was short, blonde hair with blue eyes and had a big nose. Lilly smelt like fresh flowers growing in a meadow. Redder and Leronda’s house was blue. The inside had a living quarters off the huge kitchen. It was one full bath house with two rooms, Billy and Gertridge shared a room down stairs, and their parents room was up stairs. Billy and Gertridge were both identical twins, short, they both had hazel eyes, black hair, and both loved the color purple. They were both best friends.
Gertridge said,“I’m starving!” “I want a Krabby Patty,” Billy replied. Lilly looks at the kids, “I’ll order some in a little bit.” Ten minutes later Lilly came back into the room, wondering why they were looking at her in confusion. “How much longer?” Billy insisted. Lily sighed “Did you want one?”“Yes,” Billy rushily said.“Okay,” Lilly said calmingly, “stop rushing me!”“Can you hurry up,” Billy angrily said,”and call them!”“What’s the number?” “563-547-3722” Gertridge resited “Ok, I’ll call them, but first let me take a selfie!” she recalled, taking a picture of herself.
The kids just looked at each other astonished and shocked to what she had just said. Therefore the kids secretly called their parents and exclaimed why they should come home. Their parent’s looked at each other in confusion.
“Sorry kids but we can’t come home, just stay there with Lilly and try and have fun. We love you both. Bye.”
Redder and Leronda hung up the phone and went back to talking amongst themselves delightly. Gertridge and Billy looked at each other and hid in the corner as they heard Lilly stomping up the stairs calling their names over and over again.
“Gertridge! Billy! Where are you brats?”“We are coming,” they both announced tempestuously.
Lilly never heard them reply. With Lilly uninformed, Billy and Gertridge went up stairs to see what she wanted, but before they went into the room, they spied on her. Doing so the too seen her talking to someone about poisoning the kids. In a whisper voice Lilly talked on her phone.
So do you have the stuff?”“Yea. You got the money?”“Why wouldn’t I?”“I don’t know? I mean you are poisoning kids, kinda macabre if you ask me?”She hesitated for a second thinking what a stupid question he asked, sense he had got the poison for her. “Well just get it to me fast! Theses brats are getting on my last       nerve.”“What’s the address?”“3184 South st. 5th ave. park west. Northville, Colorado 03156”“Ok”“Oh and there house number is 288”“Ok. Do you need anything else before I leave my house?”“A nonfat decaf latte from Starbucks would be nice” “Unless you got the money for it, I vigorously am not getting you one.”“Ugh. Fine! That’s all I need then”“Ok. See you when I get there”“Ok then”
Lilly hangs up the phone after she is done speaking, and goes to find the kids calling out their names again 1-by-1.
“Gertridge! Billy! Where are you? You brats?”
The kids stayed silent not wanting to come out. They were in more shook then if you went on the floor and rolled around then shooked someone.
“Gertridge! Billy! Get out here now!” The kids started backing out of the corner and walking down to her.They still couldn’t believe that she was poisoning them.
“There you guys are! Where were you guys at? I was looking for you everywhere!” “We were using the bathroom.” “Oh, well I called the Krusty Krab and they are making the patties right now” “Ok”
Gertridge looked at her brother and turned to his ear to whisper. “Yea, now she calls them.” She said rolling her eyes.Lilly looked at the kids like she had just got a sock put in her mouth. “So.. what do you guys want to do while we wait?”
The kids just looked at her like she was an insane maniac. They knew what she was planning to do, and didn’t even want to be a yard close to her. They didn’t know what she was planning to do next.
“Well.. what do you want to do?” She asked irritated. “Stop yelling at us!” Billy said running away practically sobbing down his face. “Omg what is wrong with him?” Lilly asked not having a care in the world. “There is nothing wrong with him,” Gertridge stepped back “theres something wrong with you!” She ejaculatored running away.
Lilly stood there, emerged on what Gertridge said. “What did you say to me little girl?” Lilly called out, outraged at Gertridge.“I said. There’s nothing wrong with him, there’s something wrong with you!” She replied running away.Lilly ran after her, calling out that she was going to get her. “No you won’t” She called out sobbing and sprinting awayLilly continued to run after her, she started to become warm and light headed, but she still ran after her.
It was dead silent, the table was set, food on their plates.They were all sitting at the table eating there burger’s. Lilly had taken the kid's hamburgers and put the poison in each one.
“Where is the ketchup?” Gertridge and Billy asked. “I’ll go get it” Lilly aforementioned.
Billy thanked her for going to get it, he still didn’t know if he would be able to trust or even like her again. After what she said to his sister he wasn’t sure about Lilly.
“Here you go” Lilly set the ketchup down on the table to let them grab it.
It had went silent again. The only sound you could here was the sound of them chopping down on the fries and burgers. Finally after about 5 minutes, Lilly stood up and picked up the dirty dishes and silverware. Gertridge and Billy walked out of the dining room to go play with there toys.
“What do you want to do now?” Billy asked. “I don’t know?” Gertridge replied.
Billy thought for a minute before Gertridge broke his thought.
“Well there has to be something we could do?” Gertridge said.“Hmm.. well I was thinking, but I forgot what I was going to say.” Billy replied to Gertridge.
All of a sudden they heard a weird noise. It was Lilly. She had gave the kids the hamburgers without the poison. They both ran into the kitchen and saw she was dead on the floor.