The Adventures of Fin the gnome

Gilbert Walker

Let me tell you about a gnome named Fin, who lives underground in a cozy little den.
Fin likes his home, especially now that it is winter and the rains are cold. He shudders, just thinking of rain makes him glad that he's indoors. <i>His little iron cooker glows bright orange like a fire moth</i> and bathes the room in a sleepy, warm light. It is the perfect place to read and munch on radishes - a popular snack in the gnome community.
Fin is happily flipping pages in his book, and is just gulping down his third radish when the door hatch bangs loudly and something tumbles down the stairs into the living room. He looks up, annoyed. On the hearth stone is a bundle of rags. It's the bloody neighbours again. <i>Fin's face turns as dark as turnip</i>.
"This is NOT a washing parlour!" he yells at the door. "So for the third time, take your dirty clothes somewhere else!" He can feel his face getting hot. He turns back to his book and just starts to read again when the pile of rags on the floor lets out a little whimper. Fin looks up as the bundle unfolds, straightens and becomes a thin, grey goblin.
What should Fin do?
Tell the goblin to get lost
See what the goblin wants