Pill Simulation

Anderson Do Bui

In some far away date in the future, scientists have mapped out and mastered human consciousness and its contents. Any feeling, emotion, state of being, illness – in other words any possible experience that a human can undergo – is now controllable and reproducible through superintelligent AI's that have reached a near God-like level in their ability to process, calculate, and simulate, the entire spectrum of human consciousness. The technology has reached such an advanced level that the only limit to what the AI's can simulate is human imagination.
Anything that can be thought of has the potential to be turned into a pill that can be taken. The pill captures whatever experience that is thought of into a mini-consciousness that will allow the user to replicate what said experience would actually be like in a safe and controlled manner. The pill communicates only with the brain/mind and nothing in the actual body is affected or changed.
Some people just use it for recreational purposes, others use it to gain valuable insights on what it means to be human. Although it seems quite unlikely that people would intentionally take a pill that simulates the experience of an unpleasant condition, many people have had revelations exposing themselves to sides of the spectrum of human experience that they never even knew existed.
In the past, one of the most fundamental problems of being a human was trying to communicate *exactly* what one was thinking through language (to another human being), so as to be understood completely without any misinterpretations. Whereas before this has resulted in much conflict, arguments, and even warfare, the innovation of these "mini-consciousness" pills have truly allowed for humans to experience and fully understand each other – with no biases, prejudices, or expectations.
Each pill will give you a temporary glimpse of what its effect(s) are like. Before taking one, you will first have the chance to read its description about what it will be like to take the pill / what the effects of the pills are supposed to be.
Buddha Pill
Anxiety Pill
Withdrawal Pill
Death Pill
Reflections (not a pill)