The Invasion

Isabella Banchero

There is a world called Decorus. This world is separated into three sanctions: Obuka, Arbor, and Nubis. Each sanction consisting of its own species of people. Obuka, the people of the water who dwell underground whilst controlling water, Arbor, the people of trees who manipulate earth itself, and Nubis, the people of the sky and clouds who thrive on the energy of magic throughout its lively kingdom. In this story, you are a young girl who lives in the Kingdom of Nubis. You are special, unlike any other. Your name is Ciel and you are a Lumi child. You were born on the night of the Lumi moon, which caused your spirit to conjoin with the magical energy from the sky, Lumi children are known as natural masters of magic and are much more powerful than the normal dwellers of Nubis.
URGENT REPORT: Thousands of unidentified creatures have been reported heading towards the planet of Decorus, it seems they might be from the planet Vultus. If so, this is an urgent emergency that must require all sanctions to fight together against the creatures. The Kingdom of Nubis requires all able-bodied magical citizens to defend their sanction and fight for the safety of their world.
You are torn. It is expected you do your duty for your sanction and save the people, yet your closest friend Aurum has made plans to go into hiding during the war, because of his beliefs of peace and nonviolence. You can't stand to let your best friend die at the hands of war, yet your duty calls you to fight.
Fight For Your Sanction
Go into Hiding with Aurum