A Local Vegetarian Pusher

You are fresh out of college. Your parents are proud of your degree in business and economics, and have high hopes for you. You are a happy millennial at your prime in one of the most intellectually flourishing cities in California. However, you need something to do. You have a goal, of keeping your family traditions close to you, pursuing what makes you happy, and will also get you ahead in life. <b>You want to start a restaurant.</b>
<b>Gameplay</b>: Read through the options and try to keep your ethics gauge high.
<b>What is your ethics gauge? </b>Your ethics gauge is a meter that measures how in line your choices are with philosophical arguments in the field of moral ethics.
The old laundromat your father had saved for your sake has been refurbished with inspirations from all of the up-and-coming restaurants featured in the swankiest of magazines and internet culture, and you've secured staff who're ready to go to the ends of the world for you. <b>All that's left is the menu.</b>
Let's get started on it: what would you like to do first?
There has to be steak; it's a family favourite