A child was born in 2005, her parents named her "Nikki". they were so happy that finally they're 1st baby has arrived.
Years went by, and Nikki is now 11. She was so happy before until her Dad, Eric suddenly trained her to be responsible. She didn't like this training. She started to hate her Dad. She still does things he asks but hates it so much that she wishes her mum was never engaged to him. She wishes that he was never born, she wished that he wouldn't bother her with his stupid requirements, his dumb voice, she can always it hear a kilometer away. "NIKKI!" Her Dad yelled "DO.THE.DISHES!!!" " Oh my Gosh!!! Uh! I'LL DO IT!!!" She said to herself as she rolled her eyes. Wondering why she didn't scream it to him? Well, he will obviously tell her off! Smack her or something. Talk about Child Abuse!
She wishes that she was 18, able to leave her parents and live her own life. Every time her Dad's around she wishes that he would literally just disappear! She wishes she has powers like that TV show on Nickelodeon "The Thundermans" She wishes to follow the steps of Villains and rule the world with her own army. She wishes to follow the footsteps of "Dark Mayhem" an evil overlord who has powerful evil nuclear powers that one blast can blow you up in 100 miles away. It's 1,000 times more stronger than a regular nuclear that we see in the movie, it can destroy a whole country and some neighbors around it.
Nikki's desire is to be one day the greatest and most evilest super villain ever known to rule the world in history. Like her favorite movie "Krrish" with mutated superheroes.She will never become a superhero, but even better, she will strive to recreate the mutated animals and mutate herself with supernatural abilities too! "She plans an army of strong muscular mutated men that follows her orders no matter what! Followed by androids and tanks full of grenades, cannons, types of guns, nuclear bombs and a pack of high skilled army. She dreams to recreate the "Death Worm" "Sea Serpents" or " A Dragon" She has an intelligent mind with the motivation of a maniac. She will do what she plans unless she has a feeling that it'll fail or it's stupid! She will still follow the steps of a villain and will never stop researching, experimenting, and planning until she becomes the best!
"Nikki! Come Here!" Eric Yelled "You need to dry the ceiling, the mop is on top of the bucket outside! Hurry Up!!!" "UH! Best way to ruin my thoughts!" Nikki Sarcastically whispered to herself. "I better do it fast so I could clearly think this plan" "MOVE. YOUR. BUTT." Eric angrily Screamed "Coming!" Nikki Screamed back with anger.
Minutes later, she had finished! She starts to write things down in her diary. . Years have passed, Nikki is now celebrating her 18th birthday! She is so happy that she won't be stuck with her parents anymore! "Yes!" Nikki whispered to herself "Now I can start my Villain plans!" "Mwahahahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahaha! Ha!" Nikki Hysterically laughed like an Evil Villain Hysterically laughing about Victory. Good thing It was crowded so no one heard her.
She entered the Taxi and drove a long way to my new house. Halfway there she secretly got a gun out and shot the driver. BANG! she pushed the Dead Driver away and stepped on the break. The car stopped and she left the gun in the car. What the driver doesn't know is she planted a bomb under the car. " Gotta Run! Bomb's about to explode in 5 minutes" Nikki Told herself while getting out of the car. She sprinted as fast as a cheetah, she was getting tired but I gotta run to survive. " Man, gotta keep running cause it's a strong nuclear bomb I planted, It could wipe out a whole city!" Nikki gasped "Don't really wanna die, Still wanna rule the world!" She ran faster but then She tripped and fell on a hole then saw a strong silver steel shield, she took it and used it as a shield to protect herself. " Arghh!!!" Nikki screamed, using all the strength she can to shield herself. The nuclear was pretty strong,after a few minutes later, she came out of the shield and realized her forehead, nose and lips were bleeding. "Ha!" She acted tough "It's only blood" Luckily There was a ladder, Nikki climbed it up. Once she poked her head out she smelt smoke and looked around. "Oh My Gosh!" she gasped amazed. "My Nuclear creation worked!" her strong nuclear really wiped out the whole entire city! there was nothing standing but her! All she can see is dust, sand, destroyed houses, fallen bricks, and dead people. "Ha Ha Ha Ha Mwahahahaha Hahahaha Ha!" Nikki Hysterically Laughed "Meet Your Newest Super Villain" Nikki Introduced "Destructa!!!" "Mwahahahaha Mwahahahaha Hahahaha!" Nikki continued laughing
"And Done" Nikki said adjusting the wires on her latest gadget. "Now to test things out" she demanded with pride. Nikki stepped on the machine, it made a Swoosh sound and Boom! Nikki's new villain uniform is born! She wore a long pitch black gown with a long see through flaring black cape. Her hair is in beach waves. It had a Bright Blood red streak that represents the devil inside her. She wore a pointy black high heeled clogs and a black hood to hide her face and represent mysteriousness.
"Perfect!" Nikki Excitedly said "An Underground Base! A perfect lair for a Villain like me!" Nikki adjusted some bits and Wala! It's done and perfect! It took Nikki I mean Destructa, a few little Hours to complete the look but Hey! it was Worth it! "Things are organised, the weapons room is done, the dungeons, security cameras, alarms everything's pretty much complete" Nikki Double checked then suddenly BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "Alarm off" Nikki commanded "Alarm off" a robotic voice said Everything is voice command here. Pretty cool right? "Yes!" Nikki Screamed with excitement "They're Here!" The Doors opened with huge muscular men with pitch black leather clothes with spikes. behind them are some scientists that wore big round safety glasses, the scientists brought worms, the bearded dragon, and lizards. Nikki Let them feel at home and let them look around. "What ya think gentlemen?" Nikki asked her visitors "You up for this job?" The gentlemen thought about it for a while until they replied " Yeah, Let's do this!" "Well, Let's get started! Shall we?" Nikki screamed with all her voice Her Minions Replied with all their voices too! "Yeah!!!"
"Well, Gentlemen a new world belongs to us to rule!" Nikki explained "We shall start training tomorrow! Everybody to your rooms, HURRY UP YOU FOOLS! GET TO SLEEP! YOU HAVE A BIG IMPORTANT THING TO DO TOMORROW!" Nikki Yelled with anger and impatience. " MOVE YOUR BUTTS FREAKS!" "Anyway reader until next time, I've got to explain to these Mad Scientists what to do! We've got a world to rule!" . <b>TO BE CONTINUED... </b>