Revenge of the Gray Heron

<b>PART ONE:</b>
This adventure contains graphic language and depictions of violence.
<i><b>"Twenty years spent in a hole..."</b></i>
<i><b>"This hole. My hole."</b></i>
<b><i>"None dare enter. Terrified of an old man."</i></b>
<i><b>"Of a raving lunatic no less lethal for the passage of time."</b></i>
<i><b>"Muscle mass begins to deteriorate after the age of forty, and yet at sixty two I am stronger than before. Before I was caught. Before, I was weak."</b></i>
<i><b>"Before I was playing at being a hero, with my fortune and my toys..."</b></i>
<i><b>"Now, after being lost for twenty years..."</b></i>
The Narrow slot at the bottom of the reinforced door opens. {~Potatoes. Salisbury steak. Green beens...|Pasta. Chicken. Peas...|Spaghetti. Soy balls. A stale roll...}
Dive towards the opening.
Kick the tray back through.