Scout and Guide Hike


Once upon a time... A group of Guides and Scouts went to camp on a remote island. It was quite a big island, with a large mountain in the middle, a forest on one side and lots of large sandy beaches. They set up their camp, then the next day their leaders split them into two teams, gave them each a rucksack with some lunch, a bottle of water, a map, compass and a first aid kit. Their challenge was to walk around the island and be the first ones back. But on no account were they to speak to anyone they didn't know on their walk. So off they went. The first group stopped to plan their route.
One of the group suggested that they follow the footpaths around the island. They would be quicker and more interesting than using the road.
Someone else suggested that using the pavements by the roads would be much safer, and they were less likely to get lost.