The Shadows Gossip 


The shadows whisper, petting her hair and body. Swirling around her in black clouds ...evil plans whispered eagerly; traded.
Her eyes glow deep dark purple, stronger and darker than her other, less evil self. Her brown hair darker and her stance strong and queen-like. She's skinny and tall
The shadows a bid farewell at her command, sinking back to their natural posts in the forest and even the sky above....all but one.
A lighter shadow, a weak sick one. He slinks towards the doorway into the arms of the other girl.
This girl is smaller as she catches the willing darkness. It purrs thankful for is sneaky escape....then Seera appears in the door way.
"What the hell do you think your doing, Naomi!!"
  The girl glances up, purple and pink eyes with flecks of green, narrowed. Head lifted up with pride and defince. Holding the shadow tighter. "Whatever I want." 
She glances up eyes wide with fear and pushes the already weak shadow away. Bowing head in submission. "Nothing...I'm sorry..."