Will Christina Make It Back?

Brian Rapp

Go to my main page (with analysis) here: http://tandtprojects.cah.ucf.edu/~br701910/project4.html. The story begins below:
Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Christina. YOU are Christina.
You go to the University of Central Florida. In addition to going to school, you work as a lab assistant in the technology lab. Your research team has been working on creating a computer generated "virtual world," though it has never been tested. The virtual, simulated world takes you to a fantasyland with dragons, vampires, witches, and wizards. To enter the simulated virtual world, you must enter a secret chamber in the lab.
One night, you and another lab assistant, Mark, are working late. It's late Friday, and you guys have just returned from dinner and drinks.  You are both a little tipsy from the wine.  Mark teases you about entering the chamber and going into the virtual world.  Though, he's half-joking, you actually consider doing it, though you'd get into major trouble if anyone ever found out.  Still, you think it might be fun, and it seems safe...  What do you do? 
What the heck?  I'll enter it!  
No way.  I'm not risking it.