The Mystic Deer

By: xNikitax

Far over the seas. Deep in the Mountains. In the highest and most secluded place in the world. A young girl ruled. She would watch the humans below her as they lived their daily lives. Her job wasn't hard but she wish for more fun. She wasn't allowed to leave home nor was she allowed to play with others. Her job was to be the watcher. A person who would watch the humans and guard theirs lives from the giants and monster that would try to attack them at twilight.
One day she was surprised when she saw a young boy climbing a mountain close by. His family and him were having fun and playing jokes on each other. She watch in envy. She wish she could join them. That she could have a family as well. She watched as they made it to the top. They were all very happy and cheering each other on. What they didn't know was they had startled a wild animal. The animal ran towards them and knocked the boy right off the edge. The family screamed as he fell.
Watch the Boy fall
Save the Boy