Manhattan's Innovation Story

The Manhattan Phoenix

One day, as you are driving to the grocery store, you happen to glance at a school building that you have passed every day since you moved into the neighborhood. But today, it looks different. It looks...<i>innovative</i>.
You slam on the brakes as your mind fills with wonderment at the brilliance of the innovation rays shining forth from the building.
"What's going on here?" you wonder aloud. Curiosity has such a grip on your mind that you leap from your still-running vehicle, barely taking a moment to throw it into park.
You run through the front doors where a smiling visage of Heavenly beauty meets you.
"Hello! Welcome to Manhattan Middle School of Arts and Academics. My name is Nancy. How may I help you?" 
You can hardly contain your enthusiasm. "Your school looks fantastic. How have you become so innovative? Please! You must tell me!
You realize that your car is running in the middle of the street and go back outside.