The battle of the z

Abraham Mayne

Once upon a time... 3 super heros "Mr.Infinite,Captain-Gold, and Booster gold were triying to infultrait a high tech valcelity to uptain a crimson red belt. The person who puts the belt on will have the ability to control almost the whole uinivers , ... if the belt gets into the wrong hands then..only God knows what. As Mr.Infinity flyies high into the sky  he uses his acid heat vision to melt down the frozen ice that was covering the building so that captain gold could use his fist of furry to punch thourgh the building as  booster gold grabs the belt. But the plan failed.captain gold and booster gold were not there. Only "Manalea" the most toughest villan ever lived. Now its up to  Mr.Infinity. The plan failed.                                   "But how! How could they just dissaper" as Mr.Infinity says repeatedly in his head.Mr.Infinity flyies to his Man cave located on cripton.He tells superman what just happend. super man did not care, then thats when Mr.Infinity realizes that hes a fake. Maby the belt fell into the wrong hands and destroyed all heros and replaced them with fakes.Super-Man takes charge as Mr.infinity doges him.He punches him with his fist of lighting then he leaves cripton and goes back to earth.                                                                                                                                      As he comes back to earth he sees Hell. ever body was burned, the ground was all dark brown, buidings were on fire. this means the battle of the z is happening. this means all heros are captured only ONE left and only hell and villans.... ........................................
              TO BE CONTINUED.