Every day I used to go to a park with my wife Asuna ,but one day when we were walking through the park my wife Asuna’s EX boyfriend Jay and his gang came to kill us. But they did not kill me they just killed my wife. before he shot her Jay yelled, “if I could not have her no one could.” Then I tried to kill him in anger but he and his gang were gone. All they left behind was a note that said, “we are coming for you next and where ever you go we will kill you.”I took it to the police and told them what happened and they told me to take a plane to America . So I found an apartment in Cleveland and I settled in. There was a couch and a tv that was way out of date. I still want to go back and kill him but one day when I was walking home from the grocery store I found this small garden it was small. Good size for some people to plant in. Then I met this man his name was Sam . I talked to him about my life back in Tokyo. Then he told me revenge is never the answer and to move on and to do something to remember her by. So I planted some Dekapons. They were her favorite fruit back in Tokyo. It really did help. Also all these people were helping me plant the Dekapons. Then this man named Tijuana. Came up to me and showed me how to plant the Dekapons. I had no idea what he was saying. But, I just followed along anyway. so when I got them in the ground and watered them. then in a few months They were ready to be picked.Then I found out that the Dekapons were gone and that a lot of   people have been having this same problem and that the guy protecting the garden was sleeping through the whole thing. then someone said that someone should stay up and stop this theft so I volunteered. I stayed up all night and then a man with spiky hair a dark face then he came closer and I found out he was the one who killed my wife so I guess he really did mean he would hunt me down. So my anger kicked in and I ran after him. But someone stopped me it was someone in a skimask. I did not know who he was. So then I just told everyone what happened  with the criminal. then I picked my Dekapons and went on my way. Also trying to forget the man that massacred my family.