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Taina R.

I was on my way from the airport. I just came from my visit to my mothers house (my best friend driving). He look at me, but not just a regular glance when he looked at me it was like he's never seen anything like me. I fidgeted in my seat, though I stared right in his dreamy hazel eyes, and as he looked back at the road I looked down at his arms. Average. His smooth brown skin and dark curls gave me an excitement. An excitement I've never felt before.
"Hey Krish," I said softly. He look into my eyes and smiled. "Yeah? " he said cooly. "I need to tell you something." I put my hand over his free hand. Krish looked emotionless. "Ok". He pulled the car over on the side of the road. For a second I hesitated looking out into the dark night. Then all of a sudden he leaned over to the passenger side, and kissed me softly on my lips. It was like he read my mind. I was both shocked and thrilled. I could feel goosebumps all down my body.
"I love you" I said instantly and went for another kiss. He stopped me. "Not here" he smiled licking his lips, I smiled back in response.
As soon as we got to Krish's apartment he brung me straight to his room and closed the door behind him. Quickly we stripped our clothes off. I couldn't believe this was happening but it was so excitement, but this was my best friend from child hood. Now we are best friends, both virgins about to experience sex for the first time.
First Time. I thought and quickly I said "Condom?" Krish froze for a moment and then ran off into the bathroom, and checked in a cabinet bringing out a new box of condoms. He then grabbed onto his "thing" and stroked it. Instantly it got hard. He then put on the condom and ...
I woke up confused and aching. My eyesight was blurry but after a few rubs I could see fine. I was still at Krish's house. I felt a tug on my waist. I was still naked. I looked over at him, sleeping like a baby.I leaned over to him and kissed his forehead. Slowly his eyes opened. "Good Morning Princess." I ran my hands in his hair. "Good Morning." I blushed. Softly I kissed his lips.
"Wanna Move in with me?" he asked stroking my cheek with his finger tips. I kissed him on his neck and looked at him dreamily. Quietly I said "I would love too."