Adedeji Jenkins

Once upon a time, in the streets of Brooklyn, there lived a young man by the name of Devon. Devon hasn't had it easy his entire life. He was transferred from foster home to foster home throughout his childhood. He got drawn into the drug game and he's still in high school at age 20
Devon is headed nowhere in his life and has not one in this world but that changes when a boy by the name of Ron comes into his life. Ron was an intelligent, nerdy kid who transferred to Devon's school because of his parents' divorce. Ron and Devon crossed each other's paths when Devon's "friends" threatened to jack Ron for his new sneakers.
Devon looked after Ron after that happened and Ron has his back in return. Ron started become an influence on Devon. Devon started going to classes and actually did the work he was supposed to do, with Ron help of course. The teachers noticed the difference in Devon's actions.
One night while they were hanging out, Ron noticed Devon's athletic skills and gave him the idea of trying out for the school's basketball team. Ron pulled some strings and convinced the coach to let Devon try out and set up a time in the gym.
Devon never showed up
Devon goes to the tryouts