A Journey Through Time: Exploring Racism

Carey MacDonald, Henry Xu, Alex Liu, Jingwen Hu

You are a Georgia Tech student who has been tasked with doing a project in your English 2 class to explore several novels/films you have read/watched throughout the semester. You have noticed that the novels are particularly related to racism and the different forms that it has had over time. You decide that your project will demonstrate how racism affects the people who live under the racial  prejudices in their respective time periods.  Racism is not just limited to one particular form. Racial discrimination manifests through slavery as well as societal aspects such as education, as well as work and living conditions. In addition, there are a plethora of mediums you will be exploring that bolster these forms of racism. For instance, the University of Mississippi and the black schoolhouses in the South are mediums through which segregation in education proliferated. Sharecropping and the industrial factories serve as mediums for the propagation of racial discrimination within working conditions. The focus of your project will deal with how these forms of racism and mediums result in racial interactions across different eras and in different parts of the United States.
However, it is the night before the project is due and you haven't started.
What do you want to do?
Sit down at your computer to begin your research paper.
Watch TV