The Adventures of Djimon

Pavitra Kotecha

My name is Djimon. Now you know my name but not my story. I live in a small community on the east African coast. I consider myself a hardworking, brave Kilwa merchant. Trading on the Indian Ocean is my life. Business is bad as the seasonal winds have been unpredictable. I am hoping that they will now pick up again. Since it is Autumn, it should be good weather to sail to West India with the North-Easterly monsoon winds. Then I could come back during the spring on the first winds of the south-westerly monsoon. That reminds me of a time my grandfather told me about. He said that there was one point in his childhood where he remembers an influx of goods including spices, tortoise shells, coconut oil, ivory, and aromatic gums, coming in from all over. He taught me how to fight and how to read! I think it would be best to leave town because prices are rising in Kilwa. But what if a ship passes while I am not here? Also, Kilwa has taken over the trade of gold in Sofala, so it would be nice to stay. If I go, there are many people in Kilwa who I must visit to prepare. First, I shall go visit my friend, Azizi who is a minter and maybe I can visit Auni, the ceramicist if I have time. He can give me some bowls for food along the way if I decide to continue with my journey. Oh, no! I forgot, I was supposed to meet Badru, we were going to go to The Great Mosque of Kilwa together. Djimon quickly runs to the mosque and sees Badru waiting. They do their daily prayer and head home. Djimon is home and now must decide. As you have probably inferred, I am a very indecisive person who is asking for your help. Guide me on my journey to success, slavery, or death. There is a trading ship that has just arrived from China. The captain says he now wants to go to India. Do you choose to go on the ship to India or stay in Kilwa?
Go on the ship
Stay in Kilwa