The Underdogs


<i>"That's the game. Archers win. The Chimps lose again."</i> Again. Again.<b> Again. </b>It wasn't just losing <i>again. </i>This was the seventh straight loss by twenty points. The Oakland Chimps fell to 2-9 on the season after just falling in the semifinals last year. I was mortified, baffled, and downright ashamed of what we have turned ourselves into. After missing the winning shot at the buzzer last year that would have sent us to our first ever championship game, I was determined to get ourselves to win it all. I looked at the scoreboard reading 94-73, and felt that this determination was far from going where it needed to go. I looked at the newspaper to see all the reports of our horrendous start to the season and saw that we fell to last place in our division as it read like this:
<b>Northeast Division: </b>
<b></b>Boston Knights 10-1
Pittsburgh Sabertooths 9-2
Washington Archers 5-6
New Jersey Tigers 3-8
Ohio Greens 3-8
<b>Southeast Division: </b>
Atlanta Lions 8-3
Tampa Sharks 7-4
Dallas Bandits 7-4
Miami Storm 6-5
Tennessee Cheetahs 1-10
<b>Northwest Division: </b>
Minnesota Hawks 11-0
Detroit Ashers 9-2
Denver Cobras 4-7
Chicago Leopards 3-8
<i>Oakland Chimps 2-9</i>
<b>Southwest Division: </b>
Kansas City Vipers 9-2
Los Angeles Dragons 7-4
Arizona Cacti 5-6
Houston Brawlers 3-8
Nevada Bulldogs 0-11
On the bright side, we did beat the Bulldogs in our first game, our only game where we won by a large margin. Two days, later though we had our first loss to the undefeated Hawks, but came back to defeat the Dragons. Then an unexpected seven-game skid occurred starting with an "upset" blowout to the Greens. I went to practice the next day to find none of my teammates motivated at all. After losing to a team we blew out in the first round of the playoffs, I couldn't blame them. However, this didn't stop me from giving a pep talk to them.
I screamed. <b>"Y'all need to listen up! This whole whining a moping around about losing will get you nowhere. We will keep losing and losing some more if y'all keep this up. You gotta think positive. You need to motivate yourselves to win. We can do this, just look how close we got to winning last year. Put it in your minds, we can turn it around. We got 34 games left of the regular season. We got time to make a turn around."</b>
Veteran on the team Stevenson stood up. <i>"Rodger, you're nuts. I've been on this goddamn team longer than anyone else and longer than you. Just because you led the team in scoring last year, doesn't make you better than anyone else. I don't know you the hell you think you are and trying to convince these people that we can come back. I've seen losses like this. They pretty bad, but doing a streak of it. It's despicable. We've become the team to laugh at because they are so bad, and we ain't freaking getting out of it. So Rodger, sit down, shut up, and keep that goddamn mouth shut of I will nail it shut. You are getting paid to be here. Is that not enough for you."</i>
Rodger fights back
Stevenson fights Rodger