Getting a speeding ticket

Konner, Jordan, and Ty

One chilly fall day I was driving down Pole Line Road when I looked at my speedometer and it read 90 miles per hour. My friend, Jordan was in the passengers seat and he was having fun with it.  He was ‘Snap Chatting’ videos our other friends when we saw sirens behind us.
“Go faster!”Jordan screamed as he punched the floor with his foot.
“There is a cop behind us. You need to pull over,” Jordan said nervously.
“No we got to go,” I told him as I tuned into the CB radio to pick up signals when I heard,
“Oh I guess I got a runner. He’s going 95.”
‘’We need to go through the fields,’’ Jordan yelled.
The officer continued, “He’s going through the field on 5678 on pole line road.”
“We got to get to a place to hide,” I said.
‘’Stop at the farm and get the guns then go to Jeff’s?’’ said Jordan.
“They are going into some woods surround the trees,” I said on the radio.
“Get all the guns loaded cause we got to pop some tires,” I said.
‘’That sounds good to me,’’ Jordan happy.
My bullet hit near the cops foot and I heard the radio say, “Everyone get to cover.”
“Let’s make a run to get out of here,” I said.
‘’Go through the back cow gates then we can get on the back roads,’’ Jordan said nervously.
I heard on the radio, “A red pickup is driving away on the back rode.”
“OH, we need to start shooting them,” I said.             
‘’I got the shotgun ready to go,’’ Jordan said gladly.
“Get a roadblock on the end of the road,” the cop said.
“Hey theirs the end of the road which way do we turn,” I asked?
‘’Turn around there is a road block,’’ Jordan said screamed.
“Ther coming back now we got them,” as the cop goes to shoot a tire.
“We got one bad tire we got to get back to the woods to change it,” I said.
‘’Head for the woods if we can make it,’’ Jordan shouted.
As our tier got shot we pulled them over.
“We didn’t roll our window down,” I said.
‘’Then we gund the truck for all the truck hads,’’ Jordan screeched.
The cop said, “O there they go get there tiers.”
“They can’t hit the broadside of a barn,” I said.
Then we heard on the radio, “Get in your cars go go go.”
We went as fast as we could go.
We barely made it to the woods.
The on the radio we heard that, “There in the woods theres any way they can escape now.”
“We got to stay in her for awhile,” I said.
‘’We need to stay in the woods antell dark then we can run.’’
Then a cop said on the radio, “send in the dogs.”
“Their is going to be no dogs left when we're done shooting them,” I said
The cop said, “get em boy go.”           
“Theirs the dogs hide,” I said.
‘’The dogs got us when we were going up into the tree.’’
Then the fugitives were locked up for speeding and violent actions then sent to jail.