hyland and jake

by shelby noel lucken

Every single day of hylands life was a poor lame day More and more homework and no time to play. she is 6 years old in a house in Vanes vill up on the top of flordas mountain. no how to beleave this but there was school in florda. when she got to a sertain age she could stop going to school. but her dad always told her school comes first in a childs life. when she was 9 years old she was in 3erd grade and got in alot of trouble she was exspelled and also saspended in school. was she 14 years old in 9th grade she met a boy name jake craft he would always hang with hyland no matter were she went jake so happened to like her. but he did not no how hyland felt about him. jake asked her to go to lunch friday afternoon at 12:18 she said yes, they went out to lunch at apple Bees they both had a saled and jake asked hyland u wanna be girlfriend-Boyfriend she said Sure but hyland didnt really acted like he was her boyfriend. they did things that friend would of done at this age but all this time jake was in a relashin ship with another girl name kayla rapper jake loved her all day and all 2 years in a row jake was lying about hyland all these years but hyland never knew and jake would never tell her nothing about kalya rapper becuase she was more prettyer than hyland and better teether better hair better lips and jake wanted was to make hyland mad. one day hyland found out and she was vary curris why jake was lying these 2 years she asked a few questins and slapped him in the fance repeadly jake and hyland were in jail for a few years (cort)
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