The Consequences of Cheating Pt.1


It was 11.30 pm and most of the guest were drunk. You and your friends kept drinking a lot of beer, after all, it is a party. You were feeling slightly nauseous so you went outside to take some fresh air.
"Hey Andrew, mind if I join you?"
You turn around and saw Riley at the door. You nods at her and she sat next to you.
She smiles to you as she asked, "Does little Sophia knows that you are here?"
"Not really. Right now she is at her camp and I do not want to disturb her."
She giggles to herself and starts to flirts with you. "Oh Andrew, you could have been with someone way better. Someone like me."
You smiled at her and talk about school and so on. After few more beers, you and Riley started to became really drunk. Riley made a move onto you but you did not resists, as it feels like nothing was wrong.
Next morning..