Learning to Learn: Choose Your Own Adventure

Bryn Dole

<i>You are the main character in this story. You will need to use good study habits to navigate to a positive ending. Watch out for the pitfalls of procrastination and distraction. Choose wisely!</i>
It’s Monday morning. You are sitting at your breakfast table with your course book in front of you. Your final exam is in two weeks. You have an entire semester of work to review for your comprehensive final. You haven’t done the best job in this class and you really need an A on the final exam to get a passing grade. If you don’t pass, your parents are going to stop paying for school. You will have to drop out and go back to your old summer job. There is a lot riding on this test.
Your roommate stumbles out of their bedroom, pours a giant bowl of Capt’n Crunch cereal, turns on the TV, and flops on the couch.
Join your roommate in front of the TV
Leave and go to the Library