On the top of the system


To be on the top of the system is what everybody wants,to be on the top of the system is what everybody craves. But usually in a country like USA or UK such things are only possible when either you are born in a family of an oil tycoon or either you are a Royal Majesty. for me the case is not the same. Two things to understand. First I am born in India and secondly I am from a middle class family. In our country you can come over the system with such conditions too. It depends on which caste you are born in. If with gods Grace you are born in Gujjar or Jaat family then consider yourself to be the cream on the top of milk. Its easy for them to make a system of their own. In our country we call it 'Back'. It litteraly means how many peole you can summon up with a single call if you are in a fight. In our country you will hardly see any 2 teenagers fighting like real men with fists to fists one reason being they are not men second being they dont want to become manly any soon.It is not that i am promoting violence in any way, but expressing the general fact that they dont wanna find reasons to end the dispute but just to showcase that how big a goon they are . The primal reason.......to woo women.Coming back to me a simple teenager with so such 'Back' yet. Neither i was born in a 'Gujjar' or 'Jaat' family. So the question remains how do i come on the top of the system and only one answer comes to my 'general' mind......by hard work.