The Russian Escape (feat. Gleb Glub)

Team Gleb

Your name is Margarita Popov, and you have five siblings. The oldest, Ruslan, is a communist and supporter of Stalin. Your father, Igor, was once an artist. One day, he was painting a portrait of your dead mother, when a soldier came and broke his painting arm, and burned the beautiful masterpiece. Desperate to save his children from the tyranny, he gives you the task of escaping with all four of your younger siblings, a 9 year old, 6 year old, 2 year old, and a 9 month old infant.
To aid you in your journey, he gives you ₽2000, your mother's old cloak, a week's worth of bread, and an old carpet bag to keep it all in. Lastly, he gives you five tickets to the boat for Ellis Island, leaving from Liverpool, England, in a month.
Your little brother, Gleb, insists on bringing his pet, Gleb Glub, the miniature pig.
You tell Gleb he can only bring Gleb Glub if he brings his own bag to keep him in, and head for Ukraine. 
You stuff Gleb Glub into the carpet bag and journey to Belaruse.