Little Red Riding Hood


Once upon a time... In a far off land. Well, it's really the forest. And you are a girl, perhaps fourteen or fifteen, maybe younger. You had gotten word from a note your grandmother sent you by pigeon.
Excited, you run to the foyer, your hair tied behind you in the tightest ponytail possible. You stand in front of a rack, where your collection of nice, wool cloaks hang loosely.
At any given point, these cloaks could fall off the hook. However, that thought gets tossed to the side, as you are eager to choose a cloak to best match your outfit choice for today. You look at your new red cloak, tags still attached. You look to the green cloak, it's fairly new, but rarely worn. It never matched anything, and you only wore it when it was rainy, snowy, or if the other cloaks needed to get washed.
You turn slightly to your right, and stare at a pink cloak. It wouldn't blend in with the forest, and it would for sure not help with the rain, but it's been your favorite since you were eight years old.
Red cloak
Green cloak
Pink cloak