A  Christmas Gift

group 6

Once upon a time, Emily and Calvin were a lovely couple. During the week of Christmas, Emily wanted to give Calvin a gift as a surprise; as a result, she decided to lie to Calvin that she couldn’t spend Christmas Eve with him.
“Honey, I’m afraid that I can’t celebrate Christmas with you. I have to work overtime and I won’t be able to go home that night.” said Emily.
“Never mind, my dear. We still have much time to stay together. Moreover, I can hold a party with some of my friends at home.”
“Alright, don’t miss me too much, bye!”
“Love you, bye.”
After Calvin hung up the phone, he turned to Lucy and told her the good news. They decided to have a big meal at home. On the very Christmas Eve, Calvin and Lucy walked hand in hand on the street after the feast. Before going home, they went to a department store to get some Bourbon so that they could have fun at home till the midnight.Emily went back home secretly with a gift that she had prepared for a long time. She expected that Calvin would be extremely surprised and full of joy that she showed up with the gift. However, what she had thought were all contrary. When she entered their sweet home, which was bitter and sour now, she saw a pair of high heel as red as rose and heard some weird sound.
go inside and find out what is happening
leave immediately and call Calvin