This story is about you

You click each of the terms and conditions boxes and start the bedtime story. Your curiosity is, nevertheless a gnawing anxiety grows in the back of your mind. What if this thing, (whatever it is) is leads somewhere bad, somewhere I wouldn't want to have one of my mouse clicks recorded as metadata? Surely I am not genuinely at risk you think, it is more likely that I am simply playing the harmless online game of some weirdo. I can assure you that are you are simply playing the game of some harmless eccentric, and that nothing bad will happen to you if you choose to read on. Now you have an assurance from an eccentric stranger that everything will be fine. You decide that on balance, its the wiser choice to
stop reading and go back to your old life. Its been interesting enough why risk  going any further.
keep reading. What harm can it do besides its intriguing.