The Assassin and the Crime Lord


You are Adarlan's most feared assassin. As part of the Assassin's Guild, you allegiance is to your master and the King of Assassins, Arobynn Hamel. You were assigned to find out any information on about him planning on murdering one of Arobynn's important assassins/spies and then to assassinate the merciless crime lord, Tamlin, before he could kill anyone of ours.
You've been jumping from rooftop to rooftop following Tamlin from his daily run to a place we call the Underworld, no doubt watching people fight and making deals with low-lifes to do his dirty work. When he left, two middle-aged men and a middle-aged woman not much older than you, follow him out to the awaiting carriage.
His carriage finally comes to a stop in front of a well built townhouse by the Avery River. You then realize that he's at his Keep which holds somewhat deadly killers, thieves, outcasts, but isn't nearly as deadly as you or anyone else that's apart of the Arobynn's Guild.
Hold off on killing him. Wait until he goes inside and find another way to sneak inside, get the information, kill the man, then leave without raising alarms.
Wait for them to climb out and assassinate them on the spot.