On a Sunday afternoon, Sean was in his room wondering. Why is creativity depressing? Like for real, All the creative people I know are highly depressed. Sean wasn't "normal". He was special, Special to God he thought. He was a thinker, a <b>alive</b><i><b> </b>one as he</i> liked to call him self
H<i>e was</i> dark. How can one even <i>trust </i>humans and the facts they say, Disgusting. Just fucking <b>DISGUSTING</b>! He morbidly thought. Would some one trust human facts of the bible? Lord help this generation of failure. I hope there are more alives like me. Ones who can think for them selves. Just the stupidity of what humans believe. Do they not know <b>GOD </b>controls how they die? He made you and this is how you act? We really are a disappointment.
We eat each other, Other animals. We are the reason they are instinct, why they are dying out.We are killing out own planet. <i><b>Disgusting</b>....</i>just<i> <b>Disgusting</b></i>