Leadership Development Scenarios

S. Douglas

The Situation:  You have just been elected President of your campus organization.  This new role you are about to assume is an important one because you have been chosen to "fill a void" and provide much needed "leadership" for this position.
As you think about the immediate challenges you face in your new position, you recognize that you will need to address the following issues:
1.  You competed with two other members of your organization for your position.  The election was hotly contested and you had some serious disagreements with your challengers on issues facing the organization (i.e., identify an appropriate "issue" relevant to your organization.
2.  You will need to assemble a "leadership team" and "membership team" to assist you,
3.  During the election, several groups of members of your organization supported each of your competitors/challengers,
4.  A key issue of your campaign was that, if elected, you would provide leadership in aligning organizational activities and programs to your organization's purpose.... (You believe that this will aid in the recruitment and retention of members.)
5.  Another campaign issue was that you would provide leadership in strengthening communications both within the organization and between the organization and the student body.
Which of the four steps listed below would you take first?
Develop a strategy for working with the two individuals who competed against you for your position.
Appoint members to a Communications Task Force.
Form a Member Recruitment and Retention Committee.
Schedule a "Special Meeting" of your organization.
Call a Reorganizational Meeting of your "leadership team."
Meet with Executive Board members to discuss how well the organization is engaging in teamwork.