I'm dead


My body felt like it was gradually shutting down while the rest quivered, it was a withering fish out of water. As it was uncontrollable my eyes curled to the back of my banging head. The bleak concrete refreshed my heated torso, but the pain felt like a razor sharp dagger leisurely cutting into my fresh blank canvas. Sweat raced down my shocked mask. while my body began to go numb. Was that it I thought! All I could see was a pale blur glaze over my vibrating eyes, with familiar strangers crowding round my soulless skinned skeleton. With the occasionally neon yellow jacket reaching over me. If you haven't guested by now your dull, your brain is an empty library, with only one book on a dozen of dusty shelves which reads "how to keep my body in tact" wow really is that all you know. I`ll lend you one of my books to of which what happened. I went into a generalized seizure and two affectionate gentlemen called 999 but sadly they couldn't get my body to get out of its mental shake and my heart stop pumping blood and oxygen around my system around 5:48pm on the 8th of February. my body was left to decay in the oak wooden casket with the salty tears from my loves ones and the dirt from the earth gave me a heart warming goodbye. as my beatless heart had its warmth back in it and my soul now wonders the lost streets of London.