Should I save you?


<b>Moments ago. I woke up on an island. Well, not only me, but there were 5 others. We were cold and shaking.</b>
<b>It was hard to tell if it was a whiplash of the cold that placed us in a state of shock or the violent wave brushing against our stomaches.</b>
<b>We were confused. We were tired. We couldn't couldn't even see our feet everything was in such a complete mess. </b>
<b>Now we're sailing back like we just came out of some house party. I don't even know these people and they are just laughing.</b>
<b>I don't think I even know my girlfriend. Why are you laughing? We were almost in real danger. </b>
<b>You almost died, Sian! Do you even understand that? </b>
<b>But you always push everything away and expect the whole world to go into whim. </b>
<b>Honestly, it irritates me, but if I ever said that to you. You would go crazy and it'll be my fault. You never understand anything that goes on around you. </b>
Could you still be laughing, if I wasn't there?