The Path Taken


In a town far far away, there was a little tavern that was always bursting with life and song on the last night and the end of each month. However, this night... something was different. The atmosphere was tense, and there was a general feeling of uneasiness throughout the room. On this particular night, the town had received some troubling news, the rivalling kingdom was finally taking up arms, and the only way for it to reach the capitol, was to march through the little peaceful town. Everyone was on edge.
Sitting at the end of the bar, a particularly troubled soul was nursing their drink. The townsfolk didn't offer her even a second glance, as they have seen her around town before. They knew her as Mal, the Scribes apprentice. If they where wondering what she was doing here, they didn't let it show. Instead, they carried of with their uneasy conversations, occasionally looking at the tavern door, as if expecting the opposing army to burst through it at any second.
Finish the drink
Leave the drink