Do Androids Sleep of Sheep: The Bounty Hunter

Anthonese Steet

Bounthy Hunter Phil Resch wakes up in a post nuclear war where most humans have fled Earth. The few humans that are left are faced with rogue robots who killed their masters and fled to hide on earth. Phil Resch is one of the top Bounty Hunters in San Fransico who gets to be the one who retires these rogue Robots. Phil Resch loves his job, he knows he is doing a service to humanity, he leaves work everyday knowing that he has done good in this world. Untill one day, he met Bounty Hunter Rick Deckard..... <b>You The Player will Be Bounty Hunter Phil Resch. </b>In the time that you met Rick, you have found out that the Captain, Inspector Garland, that you took orders from for years is actually a Robot! But it is only a hunch. What do you do?
Shoot first ask questions later!
Due to recent revelations, i think Inspector Garland would'nt mind taking the  Boneli Reflex-Arc Test.