Minorities in the Civil War AM

Baylee, Isabell, Cale, Tessa

The Civil War officially started on March, 4 1861. The Civil War gave the African American men and women an opportunity to fight oppression and end slavery nationally. The African Americans and women in the Civil war had to face with discrimination and hard tasks, like slavery. More people in the South relied more on slaves when the war began because after the men left for the war, it was the slaves they needed to mend after the fields and work. The people in the North did not believe in slavery. In the North and the South, many people’s roles and or duties changed because of the Civil war. 54th Massachusetts regiment made an impact on slavery. The regiment showed the courage and determination to have freedom. Many risked their life for ending slavery and was determined to have slavery ended.
Women in the Civil War
Underground Railroad
54th Massachusetts Regiment and Freedom
Enslaved African Americans