THATCamp Games 2013


I attended a recent colloquium at which I heard Amanda French say that organizing a THATCamp was harder than organizing a party and easier than organizing a wedding. Organizing THATCamp Games II -- with its three-track, eleven-leader Bootcamp; post conference Open Play (to which we invited local gaming Meetups); and parallel ARG -- seemed a bit like organizing a giant party while at the same time planning a secret wedding that would take place during the party, all followed by a reception open to all!
It was labyrinthine and challenging and a bit overwhelming at times and, above all, a real pleasure.
Sitting now on the 'after' side of the event, it seems to have been a success. Participant reaction has been overwhelmingly positive; high levels of engagement was evident; on-campus partners are pleased; and, on a personal level, I am satisfied with the results.
If you were at the event, we hope you, too, enjoyed it. Whether you were there or not, we hope that you will continue your interest and support as we, even now, begin initial planning for THATCamp Games 2014. Until then, we thank you again for your support, your energy, your creativity, and your enthusiasm.
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<b>The Story:</b>
Preparations for THATCamp Games 2013 were well underway when something odd happened: a registrant (@mourazjan) tweeted an article from a foreign paper about a local event that was not picked up by any local news agencies.
Tell me about the article.
Tell me about TCG2013 preparations.
"THATCamp"?! Qu'est-ce que c'est ça?
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