Magpie:one for sorrow

by willow Winchester

Sitting at the window was a boy. Who enjoyed watching people as they passed,he found it well how shall we put it entertaining for some unknown reason. Anyway this boy is going to tell you his story.
“Desmond! Time for dinner”cried my ever so annoying oldest sister,if your asking why my mum isn't saying this well... its kinda a long story but I'll give you the short version if you would like so then you aren't wondering why is it not his mother calling him for tea? Throughout the entire thing. So anyway the reason my mother isn't calling me for tea is that a few years ago she was killed by a drunk driver,who was trying to get away from the cops.
So,as I slid down the banister my second oldest sister yelled at me for sliding down the banister, as in what can they expect from a 14 year old kid! So I walked over to the large oak table were my father had chosen to sit next to me for once instead of Bethany the third youngest. And by the way I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers,one who is the oldest out of all my siblings. As dinner was served my older brother,Steve, came back from were ever he had gone with a few mates, who he had chosen to invite over for tea without asking dad, but there is always plenty of seats so we all sat down together. Chelsea facing the empty chair were mum used to sit. No one is ever allowed to sit tin that chair and I do mean ever.
So after dinner,which was bangers and mash, I had gone back upstairs to look out of the window. I don't know why I do it, I just do I guess. My note book and pen beside me just in case I spot anything interesting to me to write down. So far I have seen a street fight,a car crash,some strange bird and the cops arrest someone so nothing out of the ordinary. Some times in the morning I would see some birds that my middle sister,an animal lover,calls a magpie. I still remember the old wives tale my mother would say,before she died that was, it was annoying as I could never forget it. However I don't believe in a bunch of mumbo jumbo and I don't see why anyone should, but my superstitious brother claims that he saw a single magpie near the road when mother was killed and as the saying goes 'one for sorrow,one for joy,three for a girl,four for a boy' (I think you know the rest) so he says that the evil from the single magpie caused her death. But I'm still blaming it on the driver no mater what my brother says.
As it was becoming dark I got into my pyjamas,ready for bed, threw myself into bed and slowly fell asleep. However I was soon woken by my youngest brother stating that Brittany,Bethany's twin sister had run away and that I had to go look for her. Then I realised that I had seen a magpie before all of this, but still I will refuse to believe in a stupid old wives tale. So getting changed into something warm I went out to go look for her.
Its autumn so its really cold as I walk through the park toward the church were mums grave lies. The reason I'm heading there is so that I can pay respect to my mum before looking for my middle sister. I walked past people muttering about my family and the fact that we are very back luck,great more superstitious people as if I've had enough of Harry going on and on about ghosts and spirits and I believe that you could get a headache from it in a matter of hours. Finally I arrived at the church were mum's grave is. “hi there mum,I miss you just as much as everyone else, but I can't be long to day as Brittany has run away. I miss you mum,see you tomorrow night yeah?” I spoke to mums grave were a stone angel stood over me its shadow was stretched out by the pale blue moon that was almost full. Getting up I brushed the dry leaves off,with shades of orange,yellow and some me and pinkish red,and then started to look for my sister. After a few hours of searching all the parks in the area I decided to go and ask for help from a fellow friend who goes by the name Fang,its a bit weird calling your child after an animals tooth if you ask me but that's just my opinion.
After knocking for Fang,who agreed to help me look for my sister she suggested that we look in the river in the forest behind her house,as she lives at the end of the street and all streets around the area that we live in have a huge forest at the end of them. Fang was surprisingly correct as we found Brittany by the river,crouched over a bird that seemed to be hurt pretty bad so that it couldn't fly. This bird was a magpie,Fang picked it up and handed it to Brittany who cradled the injured bird in her arms. “lets ask dad if we can take it to the vets in the morning ok?” I asked Brittany. Who nodded in response. I was still wondering why she had run away from home if she just wanted to help a single bird. There are plenty more like it in the wild. And when we got home that's exactly what my dad yelled at her when she presented the injured magpie. I guess my sister just has some sort of power to sense injured animals? I have no idea what so ever at all and I mean that! But anyway dad in the end after she broke into tears said that we could take it to the vets tomorrow in the morning and it could stay in her room just for tonight,and then we could release it into the morning after the vet has helped it. As for fang well she stayed round for the night in the guest room, that is tiny compared to my room.
Something felt wrong and I mean very wrong so I knocked on the guest rooms door to talk to Fang. Inviting her into my room I told her about the feeling. She just suggested that I try to sleep it off so that was exactly what I did. And in the morning everyone got ready,including Fang, and took the magpie to the vets. After an hour or so (it felt like ages) the vet just simply told us that its wing was broken and that it should stay with her until the wing had healed. The rest of the next day was normal or that was I thought until the morning.
Chapter 2:Winchester Our main character shall stray far out into the forest were he will not accept what he sees and will call it 'a figment of the imagination' within a willow grove however it will be the answer behind all the deaths in his home town.
The next day in the morning I had woken early because lily the youngest was jumping on me,trying to wake me up. Dad was already downstairs when I had come down and was watching the news. “Desmond come here quickly” he yelled from the living room ,coming out of the kitchen I sat down next to dad with a slice of toast in my mouth. The veterinarian who was looking after the magpie was run over by a lorry on her way home from work. That slice of toast you ask? Yes indeed it did fall out of my mouth and then Fang jump scared me making a mouth full of toast fly out of my mouth in a sea of crumbs all over my dad. Whoops. For some reason dad didn't shout at me. For some time I did wonder where Brittany and James were and it turns out that they had gone to see the magpies release as the veterinarian who had said that the magpies wing had been broken was in fact wrong and dad had gotten a call about it this morning from her collogue. It just turns out that the bird had fallen from a tree branch and was given a shock.
Once I had cleaned up the crumbs I finished my toast,that had indeed fell onto my lap,I went up to have a shower and then got dressed I had decided that today I was going to go on my bike in the forest behind Fang's house and she was up for a race so I got my bike out of the shed and grabbed the lock key so that I could lock it up if needed and brought it up around the front of the house. The bike itself was a white and black BMX that dad had custom made for me so that it could go off road and into places such as the forest. Getting onto the bike I stood up and started to pedal Fang challenge me to a race so I sped down the street on my bike while Fang sprinted col
closely behind me. I couldn't see her for a while till I found out that she had taken a short cut and had ended in front of me after swinging down from a tree causing me to skid and slow down. However even with that stunt I only just beat her. She got her bike out,a purple BMX hybrid that had seemed to have been made by hand like mine so it could go off road like mine,it looked fairly new to me but she claimed to have had it for ages then I realised that she was telling the truth and I remembered that I had seen this bike at school a few times in the bike shed. I guessed that it was always parked outside her dads shop near our school.
On the way round to the biking trail in the forest Fang brought up something about a new family moving in and that even though they had only just recently settled the house caught fire and the mother had died. She also said that they had an old car,a black 1987 Chevy impala,and that the father had to look after three sons,one being adopted,and one daughter. It seems to be that the youngest son and the only daughter are twins and I'm guessing she brought this up since the house in the woods that wasn't far off her house was the home they had moved into as the smell of ashes lingered in the forest. She then informed me ,as it seemed that I had a look of confusion on my face,that her and the adopted son had been talking over her fence as he was often wondering around. She also told me that he had introduced is family as the Winchester family. “wait as in the Winchester rifle?” I yelled over the wind that was blowing in our direction making it hard for us to cycle the quickest that we can.
However we eventually arrived at the destination that I wanted to get to,the rougher area of the forest that strays off the bike path. It was made for stunt riding and racing,just what I wanted to do. It also turns out that Fang didn't hear me ask about the family last name,so I repeated the question “their last name,Winchester,like the Winchester rifle?” she nodded and then adjusted the plait on the left side of her face,this usually is tucked either behind her ear of tied up so it loops round but she left it loose so I could see the small red elastic sort of band that held the braid together. “However the family seems a bit strange,if you ask me” she muttered. I looked at her in confusion “what do you mean?” I asked Fang who seemed to hesitate for a moment before then sighing and then looking down at her boots. “well, to start off I have only heard mention of their father,nothing about their mother and I have also heard that the girl has some sort of critical wound on her arm, a burn or a scar if you put it like that”. I knew that Fang was trying to avoid eye contact with me because of the mother thing but I still find it strange. I turn round feeling as if someone is watching me but there is no one. “what are you looking for Desmond?” fang looked around to spot what I was looking for,turning back round I rub the back of my neck and shrug “I had a feeling that someone or something was watching me...but never mind that,lets get on our bikes and have a race” Fang agreed as she picked her bike up. Going over to mine I had that feeling again but shrugged it off.
The track is usually coated in mud and rocks and all them sorts of things,making it hard for you to keep the bike on the track,but its even harder in the Autumn as a load of dried leaves cover the track so you can't see if there is gonna be any mud or large stones until you end up skidding due to the mud,go flying or suddenly stopping because of a large rock covered by the dry leaves that had fallen a few weeks ago. We were racing along with Fang in the lead but I was catching up,we had decided that we would stop at the massive boulder with a tree growing over us. Fang splashed through a small stream and I followed however I skidded and fell off my bike. Getting up I had realised that Fang had already sped away so I grabbed my bike but felt a twang of pain in my leg. Looking down I saw a rip in my jeans and blood mixed with both mud and dirty water coming from a gash on my knee. Only then did I realise that when I had fallen I had cut my leg on a stone in the stream.
I tried to call Fang's phone to let her know that I was hurt and I was going to go home,however she didn't pick her phone up. So I decided to walk home and let her know later. Leaning on the handle bars of the bike I started to limp of trying to ignore the pain. However a few moments later had I realised I had lost the bike path under all the leaves and had strayed off the path. The air around me smelt strongly of ashes and burn wood. But why? Then I fell over clutching my knee in pain my bike clattering to the floor heavily,causing leaves to rise up and scatter as well as birds to stop singing their Autumn songs and take flight in to the pale sky that had a few greyish clouds in sight,visible through the bare limbs of oak,birch and willow trees. Willow trees?! There is a lake near Fang's house and you mostly find willow trees near the lake so I had to be close. Pulling my self up I had that feeling that someone was watching me and out of the corner of my eye I saw a bird,blackish blue with white, a magpie!
It called to any magpies in the area and I heard it gain a response and take off. But it didn't take off to find the other magpie but instead I heard footsteps, could it be Fang realising that I still haven't crossed her or got to the finishing point? No,it couldn't be as it was coming from the opposite direction. Who was coming towards me? Shifting onto my good leg I rested on a willow tree root,then I realised that there were willow trees everywhere and then the footsteps stopped and I heard a voice call out and I responded to their call,they followed the sound of my voice and I saw a girl dressed in ripped skinny jeans,boots and a red lumberjack jacket. Her wavy hair behind her. “who are you?” she asked as she came closer to investigate. Once again I adjusted my leg before looking up at the girl “my name is Desmond,Desmond Williams,and who are you?” I replied to her question looking at the girl,I assumed that she was roughly 14 and surprisingly tall for her age. “My name is Willow,Willow Winchester,and are you hurt?” Winchester! The knew family that had just moved in! She came next to me and then crouched down next to me to investigate my wound. “I'll take you to my house were I will patch you up. Is that Ok with you?”she was very gentle even if she had just met me and this I found strange but I went along with it and nodded “yeah that would be fine thanks” she smiled and helped me up before then getting my bike “is this yours?” she asked and I nodded “I'll bring it along for you”she pushed it up towards me and she signalled for me to follow her so I did just that.