Gamma - 384


In the year 2950, the Earth’s population has expanded so much that it’s threatening to collapse the ecosystem. A colony on Mars has already been established and is not hospitable to most. Small children and the elderly are not permitted on Mars as it would be too taxing on their immune systems. Unfortunately, with the advances of medication, the average lifespan for a human being is now around 100 years.
As a result, NASA has determined that the most beneficial plan is to send a small, manned craft into a nearby solar system with the hopes of finding a planet capable of housing human lives.
They have many choices for the job, but they've narrowed it down to two primary candidates.
One is Captain Nicolas Jones, retired veteran to space travel, award-winning biologist and proud owner of two beautiful golden retrievers.
The other is Isabell Reckard, a student obsessed with nature and the beauty of space, and a promising young microbiologist. She has an aging grandfather that is directly afflicted by the state of the Earth and the impossibility of life on Mars for him.
Who are you? Are you Captain Nicolas Jones, or are you Isabell Reckard?
Captain Nicolas Jones
Isabell Reckard