Out of the Woods

Ann Oaktree

The sun is shining. The blue sky is peppered with candyfloss clouds. The first spring flowers are out. It's a great day to grab your camera and head out. Wildlife Photographer of the Year is open for entries soon, and you'd love to be in with a shout.
You arrive at the Glenbreckan visitor centre. It's in a forest at the foot of a hill beside a valley. It has great mountain bike trails, camping facilities and is well-used by walkers. You've checked the conditions and the trail maps online and have packed a small lunch to eat. You usually walk the Red Kite trail. You know If you're lucky, you'll see plenty of wildlife.
You overhear a conversation in the foyer - the ospreys are back. You've never managed to capture one and know it'd make a great photograph. You think they said 'Hill Fort trail', but you can't be sure.
You give the Hill Fort trail a shot
You head for the Red Kite trail