Follow the Plot!

Benjamin Carsley

You are a small child, living in an orphanage. Your whole life has been the same routine of schooling--religious, cultural, and academic. You have lived in the same enclosure, a compound of dormitories inhabited by other orphans, for as long as you can remember.
The orphanage's priest looks out for you as a kind of father figure, teaching you about the music and dance of different Congolese ethnic groups. A maid cares for you and secretly ensures your safety and comfort in the orphanage, for she had found you as a babe at the gate of the orphanage.
As time passes, a socialistic coup begins to arise from political militants. The traditional religious influence of your schooling fades, your mothering maid retires, and new teachings of Marxist ideology encourage collective work and submission to the state. Most importantly, your priest is forced out of his teaching post. You are left without his guidance.
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