Ice Investigation


(Originally completed Feb. 2015, last updated in Sep. 2015)
<b>Miami Florida, May 19th 2014, 8:52pm</b>
You are Justin Parker, a 24-year-old private investigator working for the C21 investigation company.
Contrary to what is believed to be the case by most members of the local police department, C21 is not an explicitly criminal organization; C21 is simply a private organization that investigates certain matters.
You are sitting on a bench in the city. It is a warm summer night, though dark clouds and distant thunderclaps send a signal of dark.
You: Anything I need to think about?
<i>(If this is your first time playing the game, check the 3 Recap options to get more information on the backstory. If you've seen these before, start the mission; you don't need to see them again and <b>no story changes come from seeing these options</b>).</i>
[You] Recap who you are
[C21] Recap what C21 is
[Miami] Recap the crime wave hitting Miami
[Start Mission]