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<i>Prologue Or Something...</i>
The hills rolled past the window looking like they came straight out of a children book. Clouds swirled gracefully around them, fluffy and cotton. We'd left civilization behind us about half an hour ago. The driver had picked me up at the place i'd been instructed to wait.
I was sat on a bench just outside of a store when he walked out. At first i had no idea he was gonna be my driver, but then he looked me up and down and said,
"... you coming or not?"
I was cautious at first. Begrudgingly i entered to around several other bags in the back seat, along with a few boxes, all labeled with a huge red stamp on them. The stamp read, "Dt Inc. and co."
The window i stared at the whole quiet ride away from city limits was smudged, like mishandled glasses. The driver didnt speak. He never told me his name. He was creepy. Quiet. A certain hostility rested in his eyes. One you could only recognize from nightmares of your childhood. The only way i knew he was my driver was his mention of Yang.
No music played in the van. No farmland passed my eyes. Once or twice id seen a cow wandering the empty fields of tall grass and weeds. I had nothing to occupy me after the death of my fifth phone when id dropped it in a sewer drain. The only thing keeping me from going crazy in the silence was the clouds of birds washing past the windows and into the skies every few minutes and the beautiful scenery.
Finally, the guy spoke. It almost startled me when he did, but i didnt turn to meet his gaze.
"Whats your name, kid?" He asked.
I dont reply. He doesnt deserve it after being quiet all this time.
I reply honestly. "Mason." I say. "Ryder."
Rather than give him an honest answer, i say in a serious tone, "dick." I turn to him. "Dick Ryder."