CYOA Hamilton #1

Geno & Wimbo

You chose Alexander Hamilton! It was a nice day outside. Not a single cloud was in the sky. Alexander was on the move, which was quite unlike himself. Well, now anyways. He had a ton of paperwork that needed to be done, but if he were to be honest with himself he just couldn't bring his hands back to his computer. He was in <i>dire</i> need of a break. So for once in his life, he actually took one. It felt good, he had to admit. The suns rays warmed his body in the most pleasant of ways. His legs lost the ache that were once present within them thanks to the movement he now granted to the limbs. In only a few minutes he had actually made it a nice distance away from his house (a good two blocks away, at that). Alexander peered around as his gaze landed upon a coffee shop stationed but a few blocks ahead of him. The scent of roasted beans managed to sneak its way to the other; the tantalizing aroma livening the senses of the walking man. He could feel his mouth begin to water. 'Some coffee would be nice right now', he thought to himself as a yawn slipped past parted lips. 
Walk to the shop.