Melanie M.I.A.

JD the DM

You look into the mirror, a symphony of blonde curls, smoky eyes, and deadly eyes. Melanie Ross, an American CIA Operative. One of the best, but that does not come without its cost. A youth full of criminal activity and dalliances has lead to one thing: a future that is owned by your new employer.
Still its not so bad. On nights like these, you get to stare down at New York City from the 40th floor apartment they provisioned for you in a secure building. The dance of lights, and the youth flaring below does abate the pain, a lone solace as your days fade ever on. One mission after another.
"Melanie" a thick Australian voice interrupts your train of thought. Your partner, the former hitman James Blacksmith. "New job just came in. Conference room in five." He turns to go. You set your drink down and heave a slight sigh. This does not go unnoticed by him, however.
"Mels." He turns back to face you. "Mels, you okay?"
"Yeah. Fine. Lets go."
"No. I'm anything but fine."