The monsters

Sneha Diwyanjali

Once upon a time there lived a group of monsters named Millie, Jerry and David. Millie was the smartest monster. Jerry was the silliest and David. Well he was the creative one of all. One day they were out to play in the garden. They played and played until they got all tired and bored. Millie said "I am bored everyone." David said "yes we are too." Jerry suggest " I know. Let's go on a treasure hunt. I got the map settled." Millie suddenly said "you mean you had a map all along and you watched us being bored." David told "Well no map, or map I am going on that treasure hunt." Millie went inside the house by saying "Wait guys I will come later." Then she went inside the house and when she came back she was carrying all the gear that they might need. David told "What about food?" Millie said "You know I have my hands full right now." Jerry told "I am sorry that we didn't help you. If you have said that you are going to do this thing. We would have helped you." Millie told "Okay next time I will ask." Now David, Jerry and Millie went into the kitchen as fast as they could. When they went inside the kitchen they saw their mum. The mum asked "I can see that you are full of beans today." David asked "Yes. Guys what do you want? We have tuna sandwich, a cheese sandwich and a salmon sandwich. Which one do you want?" Jerry answered "I will get the salmon sandwich and I guess Millie will have the tuna sandwich. Isn't that right Millie?" Millie answered again "I guess so. I love fish." They all went outside now that all their stuff was packed. Millie asked "Where is the map?" Jerry answered "It's right here in my hand." Saying this surprisingly he turned around and looked everywhere but couldn't find it. David told "you mean you lost it. Just great! Just our luck!" On the ground he saw something what could it be!
David saw few footprints.