The Mysterious Miracle

Sumana Ganguly

As bright as a diamond, as beautiful as a precious gemstone. It was sparkling like a crystal ball. Yet, it appeared to be an instrument when Myrah went closer to it. She had never ever seen something so unusual before and wanted to feel it but she was scared and the eerie silence around her made her shiver and tremble with fear.But still she was curious to know the outcome after touching it. she was in a complete dilemma. Her heart began palpitating and she couldn't resist anymore. She took it in her hand and the TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK sound stopped!
The atmosphere changed and everything became red. The whole room transformed into a science laboratory where she could view beakers that were at least 20ft high and the bottles of chemical solutions had names like 'Ting-Tong-Tong', 'Ping-Pong-Pong' and 'Broom-Broom-Broom'. She had previously heard names like HCl, NaOH but this was extremely hilarious. She tried to control her laughter.
Suddenly, she could see a bearded man mixing the wings of an angel with a new born baby in a big mixer kind of appliance. She was horrified at this sight. As the man was about to switch it on, she screamed..
<i>"Mad! Have you lost your brain? You are killing the baby? This is illegal."</i>
The man replied patiently,
<i>"Wait! Let me explain you. This baby has been injected with a drug called 'Gravity-less' and his body will become as light as a bird and these wings are for his flight. Look there!"</i>
To her astonishment, she could indeed see babies with wings attached to their body that looked natural indeed being passed on for some other procedure. The babies appeared to be angels on earth. The baby was ready with the wings. He was unhurt, unwounded and unkilled. This had to be a dream. She couldn't believe what she was observing. She pinched herself. But to her utter disbelief, it was REALITY! It was a complete mess and she was all confused and disgusted.
<i>"You are Myrah! Ain't you?</i>" a voice came from behind.
She instantly turned back and there stood a girl who was incredibly unique. She introduced herself.
<i>"I am Ellyse. I was their first invention and I have been declared as the most honest, trustworthy, sincere and loyal person on the earth. I have the same emotions, same thoughts and same characteristics with some extra little features."</i>
She was divinely beautiful and Myrah couldn't help but keep staring at her. The girl continued,
<i>"To your utmost surprise, you are in 2050!</i>"
<i>"Excuse me?" questioned Myrah.</i>
<i>"You heard it right. That instrument in your hand is a Time Machine that has brought you here. You are unaware about the fact that you are the smartest person in 2014!"</i>
Myrah thought, she hardly managed to escape from flunking in her Maths exams and this girl was calling her 'smart'? She was not a human for sure.
<i>"I'm not an alien either!"</i>
Myrah's eyebrows raised. How could this girl know what she was thinking about? Ellyse continued.
<i>"That is one of my unique features. I can read people's minds due to my highly developed brain and 'ultra-vision eyes' that can see deep through your brain and read your thoughts.</i>
Even Myrah was puzzled like you and me. She became alert.
<i>"I am immortal."</i> She continued. <i>"because hormones don't exist in my body. I never feel hungry, tired and above all I don't need nutrients for nourishment since there is no digestive system in my body." </i>She winked.
<i>"Don't you eat?"</i> asked Myrah.
<i>"I do but it disappears."</i>
<i>"How?" </i>Myrah became inquisitive.
<i>"Just like volatile substance. Such is my metabolism! In 2014, there is terror, violence and cruelty which is affecting the poor nature simultaneously. Look outside!"</i>
There were huge monster trees chasing people who were running to save their lives.
<i>"They are retaliating and taking their revenge against you humans for their misery and for harming their survival. There is no more oxygen here. These babies are being produced with capsules containing moral and social values and those angel's wings because there are too many devils on earth to destruct, destroy and disrespect. Not anymore! Go! it's your turn to save the earth and restore humanity."</i>
Saying this, she gifted Myrah the Time Machine with a smile. She disappeared in the darkness. The science laboratory vanished and she found herself back in her room. The Time Machine lied in her palm- a memento that will always remind her, her only aim, her only mission- <b><i>'To save the earth and restore humanity!'.</i></b>