The Underhalls


A bustling trading town, famous for its entertainment district with some of the liveliest nightlife outside of the capital. Port Curio gained its name as it grew from a very small fishing port, however over time the traders began to come from across the oceans and barter using some of the oddest items seen in the region in recent times; small round, notched discs. These ‘notched discs’ soon became part of local currency, and when the resurgence of Incolo Machina soon became referred to as curio coins, which were also utilised in the creation of their clockwork curiosities.
Within in the city, many of the major races across Hyrenval have come to live in relative peace and harmony over the past 1,000 years since it’s construction. Meaning that even outcasts such as the Kenku are seen as being fairly regular faces to see within the reinforced walls. However, this influx of people from all corners of Hyrenval and the Forgotten Lands has also brought with it crime in the shape of two major factions, that of The Raven's Mark (A group of assassins who serve the Raven Queen) and the Black Court of Vampires (who serve nothing but their own lust for pain and suffering).
While visiting the city our adventurers have been told of an ancient evil which lies below Port Curio, which could potentially lead to the downfall of the Black Court's operations in the port town.
Opening the brewer's hatch which should lead under the Sailor's Rest Inn, our adventurers head down into the murky below.
The adventurers reach the foot of the seemingly endless stairway and find themselves in a dilapidated antechamber with two possible doors to choose from.
A door which seemingly leads to a prison complex.
A door which leads to a dusty study.