To be human again

Leoni Allaway

Clouds swirled around a woman, standing in the middle of a giant crater. her pink haired swayed in the air. it began to rain on her as she began to cry and asking herself. "how many times must i live through this." as rain fell on her it seem to simulate the tears she wished to shed, but alas couldn't.
But it seems we are ahead of the story, for this story begins on April 16th 1489, a little girl was born to Leonardo Da Vinci. Her name was Rosina Da Vinci, born with the greenest of eyes and dark brown hair, with a beautiful complexion. by the age of 4 she could speak fluently in seven different languages, at age eight she could do advanced calculus and physics. by the age of 12 she got into ballet, artwork and studied chemistry, alchemy and astrology.
the time had come for the girl to become a woman and a wife. Rosina was now turning 18 years old, nobles and kings had come to the festival as to see. the woman to reach the top of the intellectual food chain. No woman before her was seen with so much respect as Rosina. little girls began to try and study as she did. wanting to be like her. She was a role model for so many women and little girls. while she got ready, as people where coming in. A curious man charmed his way into the party, claiming he was a friend from when she studied with Nicolaus Copernicus. when the time came she walked out to the dance floor, all eyes were on her. a stunning beauty with rosy cheeks, thick full lips, her thick brown hair pulled back into a pony tail still reaching her knees. her bangs on the side long and to her belly, shorter and spiked in the front, as if they were trying to cover her glistening emerald eyes. Her stature was at 4'8, the blue silk gown she wore with golden embroider spirals covering it elegantly fit tight to her medium bust and tight curves.with the tail flowing ever so slightly behind her
Rosina would bow to the guests saying "It is a pleasure and an honor to have you all here, to celebrate my birthday. it truly is a blessing to be standing in front of so many people. My only wish is that my mother could have been here to see how i grew up, hopefully i have made her proud." she bowed again and everyone clapped. Leonardo walked to her and with a huge smile said "You my dearest you are my crown achievement in life. No father could ever be prouder then I. Your mother would be beyond proud of you and everything you have achieved."
Rosina smiled and blushed saying "Father i have been blessed with so many opportunities, that no other girl has had. My mother gave her life for me to be born. You raised me to be the best at everything i did. I have been truly blessed in my life.I could never ask for anything else." the night went off with out a hitch, the clock hit 7:00pm and it was now official Rosina was 18 years old. the band began to play a song for her and her father to dance. as they danced the Curious man kept his eyes on Rosina and mumbled something. Leonardo said "My dear it's time to go." She had a puzzled look on her face and as her father bowed and took a few steps back another hand touched her shoulder and she felt a bite on her neck.
People screamed Kings and nobles forcibly dragged out, Leonardo screamed when he came to his senses. His daughter was trying to shriek but couldn't the man smiled covered in her blood, Looking at leonadro he said "You're Daughter is now mine, forever to be a vampire like I. You should have never sent her to Germany." he laughed and carried Rosina out through a window. Her last conscious memory was seeing her father hit the floor crying.